Analysis of the main features of large and medium-sized electrical products

(1) large and medium motors need to be tailored

Different in the process of design and production of micro motor, motor power and small motor standardization, large and medium-sized motor need to design and manufacture according to customer requirements of rated power, rotate speed, voltage and the bearing form, cooling, protection grade, and torque characteristics, overload capacity, load characteristics, power grid conditions (power), the use of the environment, the center height etc. dozens of parameters. At the same time, on this basis, the need for experienced technical research and development personnel in accordance with the location and characteristics of the motor used to consider the reliability, safety and other factors of a series of tailor-made.

(2) the structure and manufacturing process of large and medium electric motors are complex.

The structure of the large and medium-sized motor is related to its classification, use, speed, protection type, ventilation cooling mode and installation type. It is generally composed of a variety of complex structural components.

Large and medium-sized motor complex structure determines its manufacturing process is complex, a wide range of processes. Large and medium-sized motor generally require after cutting, welding, heat treatment, spraying metal treatment process; cars, pliers, planing, milling, boring, grinding, drilling, in metal machining process; punching, shearing, riveting, welding, pressing stamping process; winding, pull type, dressing, block lines, connectors and other electrical machining process; vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) and windings in anti corona, painting, and other insulation, chemical process; balance, assembly, testing and other testing links, on a per link need equipped with dedicated processing equipment and experienced senior technicians.

(3) large and medium-sized motor inspection requirements

Large and medium-sized motor factory often need to go through a complex test procedures, to ensure product safety and reliability. Large and medium-sized motor unit price is higher, the terminal customers rarely purchase reserve motor, but the safety and reliability of the motor has a direct impact on the safety and reliability of the whole production system, so the client terminal of large and medium-sized motor comprehensive quality requirements is very high. Production process and factory, a series of testing procedures can guarantee the maximum motor, quality and performance, so large and medium-sized motor manufacturers for the production process of testing requirements are very strict, generally include raw material inspection (including chemical composition, mechanical properties of detection, inspection, insulation dielectric strength testing), parts of the structure, size and shape and position tolerance check, semi finished product inspection, finished product ex factory test and type test and a number of detection.

(4) customers of large and medium-sized electrical products reliability, after-sales service requirements

Under normal circumstances, the design life of large and medium sized motors is 20 years, the design life of large and medium sized generators is 30 years. Large and medium-sized motor generally 1 to 2 years need to overhaul, some special circumstances, some of the maintenance cycle for more than 4 years, or even 10 years. Large and medium-sized motor in the operation cycle is often required to maintain a stable, uninterrupted operation, until the end of the maintenance cycle can be shut down for the relevant testing and maintenance.

The long run can cause the wear, corrosion and deformation of the parts. Because of the high value of the large and medium-sized motors, users often will not reserve backup motor to replace the fault motor, so the motor failure will inevitably lead to the end customer system output or down. So large and medium-sized electrical machinery manufacturing enterprise product quality and after-sales service capacity, the ability to quickly repair the occasional failure, as the main basis for the customer to choose one of the products. Customers on the large and medium-sized electrical products reliability, after-sales service levels have put forward a very high demand.

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