Quality control measures for the installation of main parts of pump and motor

Main parts installation quality control measures

(1) installation quality control of impeller room

Impeller chamber is the pump installation benchmark, the installation of the impeller chamber to test in advance the design unit center line and elevation as a benchmark, when installing the accurate measurement of "piano wire earphone" law and ensure that the pump group axis meets the design requirements. After installing and fixing in the impeller chamber, the pump assembly is installed on the center of the impeller chamber as the benchmark, and the pump group is installed in the actual center line to be locked in the machine pit, the pump section and the motor section are locked in one layer, and each layer is locked at least 8 points.

(2) the installation quality control of impeller, pump shaft and guide vane

A. impeller, pump shaft and guide blade body assembled in the installation, integral lifting into the machine pit installation, assembled by the manufacturer to provide the special tool will pump shaft and impeller fixed on the guide vane body, repeated adjustments to ensure the pump shaft and the guide vane body uniform gap, pump shaft and guide vane body flange surface vertical.

B. impeller, pump shaft and guide blade body installed at the center of the impeller chamber as a benchmark, adjusting impeller, pump shaft and conductor the impeller and the impeller chamber gap is uniform, and the use of locked in a layer of water pump unit center to check the pump shaft center, by adjusting the guide blade body to ensure the verticality of the pump shaft, impeller center height at the time of installation can not be measured directly, by calculating the height of the center of the impeller is transformed for pump flange elevation. Through measuring the pump shaft flange height to control the impeller center elevation.

(3) the installation quality control of the machine frame and stator

The lower frame and the motor are fixed and arranged in order to lock in the pump group center of the electric layer as a benchmark, and the "piano wire earphone method" is used to accurately measure the electric motor and the water pump coaxial. Stator elevation is to control the pump to rotate some elevation of the key, although the frame between the stator and a general set of shims to adjust, but the adjustment scope is limited, therefore in the stator should be installed to lock in the elevation of motor layers to benchmark, strict control of stator iron core center height, while ensuring that fixed with the upper frame the occlusal elevation and levelness.

(4) installation quality control of motor rotor

, smaller the gaps between the rotor, rotor lifting should closely monitor prevent the rotor and collide, generally in the rotor lifting in the stator and rotor gap between design 12-16 root thin strips of wood, hoisting process of TiC wood to prevent collision of stator and rotor.

Rotor lifting in place and the pump shaft connection, adjustment should be carried out in the adjustment of the axis.

(5) axis adjustment

Axis static adjustment should give full consideration to the impeller gap, air gap, the sealing clearance and the bearing clearance, by adjusting the rotation part is positioned in the best position, and then turning checked, barring inspection record - if you do not meet the requirements, comprehensive analysis, to find the cause unqualified reasons, and to develop appropriate measures to adjust.

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