Motor overheating is the gear oil pump in the work often appear problem?

Gear pump is mainly used in chemical, petroleum, mine, metallurgy, power station, etc. industry, oil medium transfer, turbocharged, fuel injection and large mechanical equipment in the thin oil circulation, gear pump in various types of machinery and equipment can do lubrication pump.

Motor overheating problems often happen in the working process of gear pump, appropriate Ling pump technical personnel for the following a specific analysis are as follows:

1, the use of range (flow, lift) more than the gear pump design requirements?

Select the appropriate motor by series

2, medium specific gravity than the gear oil pump configuration motor?

Shengze gear oil pump motor

3, packing gland too tight or mechanical seal spring pressure adjustable too tight?

Spring to adjust the amount of compression of the gland or mechanical seal

4, pump assembly of the poor quality of friction or motor and pump shaft is not concentric?

Check the assembly quality and eliminate the trouble.

Can be aimed at the above conditions to do one by one to find out the real reason for motor overheating, gear oil pump in accordance with the corresponding failure, maintenance and processing.

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